Monday, January 17, 2005

Crazy Fun Filled Week!

Okay, so I haven't written this week because I've been having too much fun with my buddy Skoogie from CA.
Here is a quick recap of our week in picture form...

lots of walking



napperiffic 3D Imax movie (think after-school special, on a REALLY big screen...)


biking (note the sexy pegged leg pants!)

ice skating

unicycling in the house

goofy folk dancing

my cousin's in Baltimore

my husband sleeping on the stairway to heaven...

BTW, I don't have a camera, so that's why there are so many darn pictures of ME!

1 comment:

Talley said...

I notice there are no photos of the fabulous hospitality shown by your sister & her husband! Ha Ha Ha! Sorry we were so lame that night, but I was beat!

Also, I already told you this, but I love the random links, like "art." Tee hee.

Hope you had a safe trip home Erik (or is it Eric?)! Love to Laura!