Sunday, January 23, 2005

No Explosive Cracks. Yet.

We went to check on the 900 gallon ice cube this morning. So far
things are intact... Definitely can't budge the valve though and there
may be rain on the way. I'm a-thinkin' that I'm going to have to get
on top and disconnect the roof drain, or I'll have an even larger ice
cube come Tuesday. Who knew this would be so much fun!?


Suzie said...

I have to add a line from cousin Kathleen's email here. After a few serious and helpful suggestions...

"What about a big kingkong sized hair dryer? : ) or we could all go and take turns hugging it..."

Would you? Could you? Won't you please all come and hug my cistern?

Talley said...

It just doesn't sound right, but if it's absolutely necessary you know I'll hug your cistern!