Monday, February 07, 2005

Efficient Aren't They!

So I'm sitting here in my house while Fred, Dexter and Ben pack everything. Absolutely. Everything. I forgot to mention that the microwave came with the apartment, so it got packed. They packed our recycling bin. Full. They packed all of those grocery bags that you collect on the side of the refrigerator. This whole government sponsored packing thing sort of seems to defeat one of the benefits of moving. There will be no weeding out of extraneous junk this time. Extraneous junk? Packed! The muffin I was saving from yesterday for a snack? Packed! Toilet paper? Packed! If the dog would hold still long enough it would save us a ton in kennel costs... Fortunately I got to the kitchen garbage before they packed that. But not the bedroom. Heh.


Kathleen said... are so funny...packing mr. handsome bailey...poor puppy...have fun on your trip! see you when you get back! xoxoxo kathleen

leet said...

A room full of boxes and a couch with one cushion....this is that purgatory thing before you get to the heaven thing isn't it?


Talley said...

I met them. They were very nice!