Saturday, February 26, 2005

We're Still Alive!

Hey folks! We're still doing great over here, been in some small towns lately, so haven't had much internet access. Today we are in Kaikoura, back on the east coast, and went out snorkling with seals in the Pacific. It was pretty freakin' hilarous, we had to dress in these incredibly thick wetsuits with hoods and snorkles and flippers. The site of our group waddling around on the beach gave me a horrible case of the giggles and I was the last one in the water because I couldn't stop! I even got the guide to giggle! When I finally pulled it together we swam out through these rocks, watching the huge seaweed grasses swaying in the swell, with little yellow fish and big blue fish darting in and out. We got out to the seal island and they proceeded to ignore us for about a half an hour. Then Ian took some of the folks in who were getting cold, but Dave said to stick around for a bit. Pretty soon one seal was out there with us, darting in and out between us. Dave told us the seal wanted to be chased, so we all took off. Then three of them came out to play with us, and were swimming around in a crazy game of seal chase! They have these huge expressive eyes and look so intelligent it is amazing. I sort of forget that I wasn't one of them and tried to dive after them, but then found my snorkle full of water. The thought crossed my mind to ditch this crazy awkward snorkle, but then I remembered that I can't really breath underwater. Amazing the things you can forget while frolicking with nature!
The group officially disbanded today, so Lee and I may be renting a car from here and driving out (on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!) to do an overnight backpack trip. It feels funny to be on our own, no guides to act as a crutch! We actually have to plan our own meals now! Yikes! Hope all is well there! Talk to you soon!

PS. Lisa, do I have your correct email? Did you get an "e-postcard" from me?


Anonymous said...

Susie & Lee- Reading about your fabulous adventures reminds me of the 2 month trip Erik and I spent in Kiwi land. What a glorious place to spend your belated honeymoon! Just celebrated my 30th on Friday the 25th, with a few friends, a little bonfire and gorgious moon light. Bacon and I are looking forward to visiting you this summer in Yosemite. From N.Z. to Yosemite, how lucky can two love birds be! I leave for a 3 week trip to France and Italy to visit my sister Lindsey. I'll be gone most of April, so post vacation we will come for a visit, when it works for you both. Enjoy the rest of the sights and sounds of the land of mountains, ocean, sheep, and adventure!
All my love -Laura

Kathleen said...

wow. so cool! lucky you! and lucky seals! : )