Friday, February 04, 2005

I was Hoping for More Chrome and Less Tinfoil...

I finally got around to trying out this fairly expensive hoop tape (acquired here) to refurbish the few hula hoops that I haven't tossed to the karmic wind, and I have to say that it is some tricky stuff to work with! I may be a traditional hoop tape purist even. I enjoy the malleableness of a good electrical tape, graceful curves and swoops executed with nary a wrinkle. But this new flashy stuff. Well. Does sparkle and gleam always make up for an inherent lack of supple adaptability?

Duh. This is America, of course it does! Oooooh. Sparkly.


Suzie said...

Hmmm, I need to comment here that the tape doesn't look that expensive on the website, but I was then charged some "small order penalty fee" and then with shipping it came to about $10 per roll. That seems fairly expensive. To me. Go ahead, call me cheapskate. I can deal.

Talley said...


Ha Ha! Just kidding! I think $10/roll is ridiculous!