Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Drivel and Narcissism

The Hub was home today for a "doctors appointment" (no really, he did have to do some diabetes-lab-test-thing) so the day has gone swimmingly, and I am at my leisure to blog again.

Lets see, we have had some adventures in spit up lately. This afternoon the bub spit up on the burp cloth on my shoulder and then turned his head and rubbed the remainder ON MY MOUTH. Ew. Last night around 4:30 am I was burpin' the spud and he vomited over my shoulder onto the bed, inches from The Hub's face, who woke up when he heard the splat. Ew. But the best burf story happened last weekend when we went to a coffee shop for lunch. I was nursing the tot at our little table when he suddenly popped off, looked up into my face, and projectile vomited with precision aim. Good thing I wear my safety glasses everywhere I go. Moving on.

Sunday was our "Last Day of Family Freedom" before TH went back to work, so to finish it off in grand style we went all the way to lovely downtown Fresno. My main goal of traveling so far was to cover my butt. Literally. See I've been wearing the same three pairs of shorts for the last five weeks now, and it wasn't making me happy. Here is the entirely of my Old Pants Family.

I would like to point out that the middle pair of shorts have been with me for quite a while now, as I pilfered them from my grandfather sometime either in high school or college. Gotta love the old dude seersucker trousers! The other two are respectively, exercise pants and maternity shorts. Not too flattering to the old post pregnancy ego.

Now I tried to do the low impact local recycling thing and get stuff at our neighborhood thrift shop. But it was fruitless and depressing. All of the cute things were only in my pre-pregnancy size,and the stuff that fit was all the high waisted "walking shorts" type things that are about as sexy as cold oatmeal. Hence the Fresno trip. And a free reign day at the Old Navy store where I got me some (slightly larger) sexy shorts. Welcome to the Pants Family!

Now I know that a woman's worth is NOT inversely proportional to her pant size, and I'm not going into specifics here, but it was a tiny bit shocking to find out that I am currently wearing a size that is two times my former size. But I guess something has to balance out these boobs...


GiGi said...

Uh, yeah, I recently found a piece of paper from 1988 listing my different goals ("Be on the cover of Vogue", "Star opposite Johnny Depp", "Marry Johnny Depp"...hey, I was 16) and it had my measurements on it. I had a 27 inch waist and put three exclamation points next to it with "needs to be MUCH smaller" written in red...

I also had "Grow out bangs", but that's never happened, either.

Robert said...

Your shorts are so tiny! I think I have underpants what are larger.


Anonymous said...

your old shorts won't even serve as car polishing rags!
grandpa Carl would be proud though that you remembered!