Friday, August 04, 2006

Top Ten Benefits Of The Postpartum Condition...

10. Stylish diaper bag as a new accessory.

9. Babies have The Best Comb Overs.

8. Being able to reach the kitchen faucet without hoisting my belly over the sink.

7. Goodbye heartburn!

6. Bodacious tatas.

5. Permission to eat soft cheeses. Hello brie, my old friend! Nice to see you again, gorgonzola!

4. New fun party stories of labor and poop.

3. Sushi.

2. I can go positively hours without peeing!

1. My beautiful baby boy.


Geana said...

Your list is making the fact that I have to go through labor to get there something to look forward to. I can't wait! Thank you, Thank you!

Robert said...

How long do the tata's last? Will you still be buxomy for the Faire?

Meghan said...

He IS a beautiful boy! And just keep putting the eye goop on the conjuctivitis. My daughter's went away pretty quickly.