Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mastitis and Masticate: Same Root?

Have you heard enough about my boobs yet? Swell, 'cause it's all I can think about! Lately I've gotten pretty dang serious about solving this here breast pain problem, and last week after a day of alternately weeping and calling all over the state, I got an appointment with the cutting edge folks at the UC Davis Medical Center. So the whole fam-damily got up at 5:30 am on Wednesday and drove to lovely downtown Sacramento for our 9:30 appointment. Both The Spud and I were observed, poked, prodded, weighed (before and after nursing) and cultured. We'll see what "grows out" of said culturing perhaps by tomorrow afternoon.

If it isn't the dreaded thrush yeasty beasties (that we have already been treating for, before AND after each and every nursing session for the last 16 days) still colonizing our little dyad, they have other theories waiting in the wings with proven medical solutions! I fear that it is the aforementioned fungal funk, as I seem to be a paradise for all things saprophytic. But I will be more than happy to be proved wrong on this one...

Anywho, there is a possibility that it is this condition as well, in conjunction with whatever else is going on, which is treatable with good old fashioned modern medicine as well, thank heavens. Fix me, please, fix me! I'm done gritting it out, okay?

In other, more fun news, The Bub finally got to meet his gramma and a lovely time was had by all.


Anonymous said...

oh dear poor you! I hope those wee medical hicups disappear soon. Fingers crossed for you!

jackson even more gorgeous with each new picture and growing too!!


Robert said...

I could talk about yor boobs all day....snoogans.

Alrighty, semi-serious (like semi-sweet?) I sincerly hope this all clears up for you, adn that there is a heretofore difficult to find problem, but once they discern what it is, that the remedy is quick and easy.

Yer a bonnie fine Petri dish, lass!

Kellyann aka Smellyran said...

Jackson is gorgeous, he must be getting something good outta them boobies! You're a tenacious one, Kathleen assured me you weren't giving up. SoSoSo good your hub is supportive, too, this makes a critical difference. Y'all will get through this phase!!!
Glad to see you're reading Dr. Newman, he is great. For what it's worth, I found this site helpful:
My little fella has his top choppers coming in and I'm getting a bit wee nervous about it will all work out once he discovers biting. Truly, one day at a time.
I saw Kathleen just the other day, she let me know you're headed to the land of pleasant living for some RenFest in a month or so - how fun! Some silver lining: you'll have wicked good cleavage in whatever wench-wear you decide upon!
Take good care-

cheesefairy said...

here's hoping things improve for you POST HASTE. :)

Talley said...

I kind of wish I wasn't eating lunch when I clicked through to all of your medical links. Although, you might think I'd get the idea after the first one. You'd be wrong. I looked at every fungusy toe and cheesy mouth. Babies are gross!

Kathleen said...

i would send you a hug...but that might hurt...
i hope you feel better soon, cous.

i can't wait to see you guys and squeeze the critter!