Monday, August 14, 2006

Oi with the poodles already

I didn't think it was possible, but somehow nursing The Bub has gotten even worse. We are calling in the big guns now and will be going to see a lactation specialist sometime this week. I don't care if we have to drive to Ohio, I will be getting some help asap. He's gassy and miserable, I'm bruised, battered and miserable, and poor The Hub is stuck sitting on the bench not able to help either of us. Whee!

On a more cheerful note Grampa L was here last week and was a wonderful help with not only the tot, but he also tried to fix the wonky electrical wiring in this here trailer. Unfortunately the trailer got the better of him, but he certainly was handy with Spudlet.


Kellyann aka Smelly said...

Suzie, first off CONGRATS on your gorgeous boy! Secondly, I've been checking in w/ you for quite some time now (via my dear friend & your cousin, Kathleen) and have wanted to post, to let you know the sometimes tender and sometimes cheek-aching smiles you have brought to my days - but have not until now! I have to just tell you hanginthere with the titty trauma, it WILL get better (it has to, right?). I didn't have issues w/ makin' the juice until my boy was 3 months, supposedly the beginning of the "reward period". The girls both got mastitis, I was feverish, delirious and seriously thought I was going to lose a nipple. Seriously, the crack was that bad. Okay, so you don't know me at all and this is a bit graphic, but after reading your post I just wanted to give you a hug (Kathleen & I call them "Big Boobie Smooshing Hugs" aka BBSH's)!
The lactation consultant should be able to help - I love my La Leche ladies, they helped huMONGgously with our latching! I ended up taking a break from nursing for two weeks and pumping, which brought it's own frustration of making him wait while we warmed a bottle of boobjuice instead of just being able to pop it out and give it to him. Silver lining, my hubby got to bond with the kid. So, BestBest wishes that the LC will help out, hopefully you won't have to drive all the way to Ohio!
Lastly, thank you for sharing.

Kathleen said...

smellykellyann didn't mention that her son's name is jackson, too!

also...i think you should drive to maryland to see a specialist. yup. that is what i think.


Aunt Kathi said...

Yep, Maryland has some wonderful LC! We can even get you hooked up with others who have used them and you can share war stories! Hang in there you're doing a wonderful job! Love ya!

GiGi said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but you look so good and I am soooo jealous!!