Thursday, March 10, 2005

Do You Want Any %$#@ Mustard With That?

So we are currently in beautiful downtown Effingham Illinois. Due to two crack-of-noon starts we have just managed to eek out 720.19 miles in two days. This being the first time I have stayed in hotels while driving across the country, I need to mention how much I'm enjoying the Holiday Inns that we've stayed in! I never knew there were hotels that would let you bring your pets in with you! AND we just gained back an hour! Now as long as Molly doesn't scratch my eyes out when I try and shove her, YET AGAIN, into that dreaded pet carrier, we'll be golden!


Anonymous said...

To what does the title of this entry refer? -lisa

Suzie said...

Hmmm, it was supposed to be a pun on effing mustard with your effing ham... sorry, I'll try harder next time.