Monday, March 21, 2005

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (But In Reverse Order So as to Not Leave Everyone Too Depressed)

And yet again I am absolutely horrified by my (our? the? I don't want to claim any responsibility for them) government. It seems if you want an unpopular piece of legislation to pass all you have to do is bring it up again and again. So we will now be drilling in ANWR. Yipee. Now we all can burn multiple 100 watt bulbs in our houses instead of opting for 40 watts. My life is so much richer. What's a wild life refuge for any way? Certainly not the animals! And moving on to the horrible Terri Schiavo case where our sensitive and caring president can't stand to allow a poor woman who's been in a vegetative state for over seven years die with any shred of dignity intact and has to step in to get yet another judge to rule on whether her husband would know her wishes or not. I can't describe how safe and protected I feel.

So I have done what any sane person would do. I have run away to here.


Talley said...

I've been a terrible sister and I haven't been checking this since you guys left! I'm glad you're safe & sound. I agree wholeheartedly about everything, except I haven't run away and am still unnervingly close to the place where they make all these lovely decisions! I would say close to W, but he's usually on vacation, so you may actually be closer to him right now!

Talley said...

Also, wanted to weigh in quickly on the sick Lee on the day you were supposed to leave. . .Yuck!! Always a joyous sound to wake up to. Although, better than waking up to find you are the one making the noise! Poor Lee!