Sunday, March 20, 2005

Here We Are!

Alrighty, we are finally fairly settled here in beautiful downtown El Portal, CA! Unfortunately it has been raining cats and dogs for the last two days, so the whole getting into the park thing and exploring has been fairly minimal. One tiny downside of this small town living is that we are currently on, GASP, dial-up internet access! So if you try and call us on our brand new phone number you will most likely get a busy signal. We will try and deal with this in the future. Perhaps a second line... It seems that the whole satellite dish idea is out the window since you need approval of the park superintendent and by the time we get that we'll probably have to move out of the temporary housing. Rats.

OH, btw, did I mention that said temporary housing is actually a TWO BEDROOM apartment? So friends and family, come over QUICK, and luxuriate in your VERY OWN twin-sized bed! Hurry hurry, before they kick us out! As soon as the rain dies down a bit I'll post some pics of the valley in bloom, lush verdant hills and red buds galore. It is really rather nice here!

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