Thursday, March 31, 2005

Into the Wild

Hey, so I hiked out to here

and skied out to here

all in the same week! I am a lucky gal!

The hike was up the old road grade behind our little neighborhood. It is just ablaze with wildflowers right now but unfortunately the trail seems to fizzle to an end after less than an hour. One fork of the trail does lead up to a rickety plank walkway that might be neat to explore later in the season, after the furious white water and 40 foot waterfall below it dry up. heh heh.

The ski was a bit of a Crashfest '05, but with such a lovely day even I couldn't get cranky. It was a distinctly back country ski, and I was on decidedly non-back country gear, so in parts it was sort of like taking my cross country gear for a nice walk in knee deep snow. But even so, I still beat the snowshoers (slow-shoers) back to the parking lot. Yay for me!

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