Tuesday, April 05, 2005

You Are Hereby Ordered To Mourn

So The Hubby works for the gov'ment, the park service specifically, which can be a quasi military organization occasionally. Meaning, that you can be fired for disobeying a direct order from a superior. (Woah!) So in this progressive society of ours, with guaranteed separation of church and state, what was our little slice of government ordered to do yesterday? They were ordered to fly all flags at half mast in honor of the dead pope. I realize that we have a president that thinks that God speaks to him, and that this church/state separation is nominal and tenuous at best, but... wow.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm no pope hater, ya know, he seemed like a nice enough guy. I mean who can hate a tiny, frail, old dude who preaches peace? Yeah, he may have held some misogynistic and homophobic beliefs , but he held quite a lot of beliefs that I don't. But either way, I am legally allowed to dislike the pope, aren't I? Evidently not.

So here's to all the rebel full-height flag-flyers out there, who feel patriotic enough to fly a flag, liberal enough to dislike the pope, catholic enough to care that he died, but pissed off enough to fly said flag to its full height. Go get 'em. But be careful who you decide to work for.

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Talley said...

I agree that it's wacky! Maybe it's intended as a show of respect? I don't know. Anyway. . .I tried to call you a few minutes ago and got the message that you're probably on-line, but you're not coming up on my Buddy List to IM. So. . .get off the phone & call me! :)