Thursday, April 14, 2005

What have they got in their pocketses?

We put in a bid on a five acre plot that was RIGHT next to the aforementioned 7 acre plot. In fact both plots shared the same driveway. Only trouble is, that seems to be illegal. Evidently, if there is more than one plot served by one driveway the pavement needs to meet rural ROAD standards, ie be 18 feet wide with built up gravel shoulders. Not DRIVEWAY standards that only require it to be 10 feet wide. And therefore the fire department won't sign off on plans or inspections. So we have had to cancel our bid. It seems a bit fishy though, since the planning office showed me paperwork the owner had submitted to divide the property, and it clearly states that it could only be done on the condition of the road being widened...

We thinkss they are being sssneaky, don't we Precious?

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Talley said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out! Something even better will turn up! I just know it!