Wednesday, April 20, 2005

When It Rains...

I can't explain the number of ups and downs we've been having with this whole housing situation. Most recently we have found out that the property that we put the bid on is going to be "grandfathered" in, and construction will be allowed due to some paper that was filed one day before some deadline in 1990. But this is after we found an okay place to possibly rent in the town of Mariposa, near the library and the Happy Burger... AND then today we found out that one of Lee's coworkers is leaving in a month and is possibly willing to sell us her 8 acre plot with a four bedroom house ALREADY BUILT on it! Unfortunately she wants to clean house and won't let us come and see it until SATURDAY! But then again part of me was getting all psyched up to build our own passive solar, sustainably harvested, radiantly floor heated, do-it-yourself, log-like cabin, but then YET again part of me just wants my things out of storage and my mountain bike and a job and a baby and stuff...

So here is where I solicit y'alls opinions. Would you:
1) rent an old little place an hour from Lee's job that is in town with a grocery store and a whole lotta scary gun totin' folks, and hope that you eventually get into the government housing in El Portal where there is a like-minded community and all sorts of nice amenities like tennis courts and a swimmng pool and a local elementary school (but you will never own a house and never build up any equity)
2) buy land that is the last, closest open plot within 30 minutes of Yosemite and figure out how to build a house, hopefully before winter because you can't afford rent and the construction mortgage at the same time, but you can walk down the driveway to the local market for milk
3) buy 8 acres and a house that is further from Yose and Lee's job and the bus stop (but not quite as far as Mariposa) and any sort of community so that you'll have to drive absolutely everywhere and support our petro-political society, that you can't see for FOUR WHOLE DAYS, and could be a DUMP for all you know!

Alrighty then! I'm done ranting. If anyone has an opinion I'd love to hear it. And don't worry, we'll keep you posted!

PS. We might not even HAVE a choice if we can't get out of the land bid (now that it is legal to build there), but I think we still have the 21 day weasel out clause...

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Kathleen said...

that is a tough one sounds to me like you are leaning towards the build-it-yourself gig. that would be cool. a lot of work. but cool.
wait until saturday though...(easy for me to say) and then we'll know more (i say that like i am THERE).
alTHOUGH....renting may not be too bad for now. maybe you could rent until something comes up that is an awesome we-can't-turn-this-down deal...
i feel for you girl.