Wednesday, April 06, 2005

We Interrupt Your Spring For Two Notes From Our Winter Sports Division...

So we had our first ever visitor to our apartment today, and Joy of Joys, it was the UPS man, yay! And what did he have, but a present for me! Yay! And what exactly was it, you say? It was my brand new back-country cross-country ski boots! No more flimsy skate-ski gear for slogs through knee deep snow! Yay. And here they are, aren't they charming-yet-rugged?

I love the Oliver Twistish toe, but the best part is that the regular price was somewhere around $159, and through bargain hunting and a dividend, we got them for the paltry sum of $30 (INCLUDING SHIPPING!) Such a deal I got.

On another random wintry note...

On my last night of hockey practice, (which seems like it was about eight years ago, but was only really two months past ), which unfortunately fell on a Monday night, some awesome and affable gals from the hockey team rallied hard and went out for a celebratory-going-away beer with me at some ungodly hour around midnight. The goofy thing is that the local bar was closed, it being a Monday in February, so we ended up at an odd, all-night diner place that served beer. Lets hear it for all night beer diners! So I just wanted to say thanks to all the folks who could rally, and thanks to all of the folks on the team who were so great! Thanks!

Late night Monday rallyiers.

My fellow rookie Hansens.

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Talley said...

Hey how did the team do in their big tournament?