Saturday, July 23, 2005

Horror. Take Two.

So Molly, my Fuzzy, my Precious, did it for real this time, and got herself into a fight with the business end of a rattlesnake. BAM! Right between the eyes. And still, not a peep out of my little scrapper. She was acting odd, and running around the house, and when I went to look for her she was hiding under the tarps on the bed. (Still painting in there...) She was definitely freaked out, bleeding from the bridge of her nose and drooling a bit. Bad news.

So, back to the old drill, we paged the vet, but unfortunately she was out of town this time, so we were directed to the next closest, about an hour away. I think I made it there in half that. After having me sign not one, but TWO, release forms that okayed charges up to $900 they got her all antivenin- and IV-ed up. And then I proceeded to loose my shit, and weep for the next two hours. The docs were holding their cards rather close to their chests at this point, and told me to come back in a few hours to check on her progress.

To cut to the chase, she made it through the night just fine, pleasantly dazed on lots of kitty painkillers. She looked good this morning (despite her slightly swollen Frankenstein brow), and even managed to eat some breakfast. Therefore, I was allowed to take her home early. There is still the danger of infection from those bacteria laden snake fangs, so she will be back on antibiotics. Her favorite. There is also the horrendous possibility that the flesh on her face will become necrotic and, well, fall off. Ugh. I'm just gonna ignore that possibility for now, as she hasn't shown any of the bad bruising that typically precedes it. So we are home, a bit worse for the wear, but thankful.


Dad said...

I know you live in the wild wild west, but isn't there something you can do about these snakes? Maybe some snake catcher Indian, or a snake eating pet, or...sometin!!! I feel for you and her avery much, but worry about you and Lee also, reaching under something for lwood or a rake and getting bit! Please ask the locals about this and see what can be done. Let us know if there is any course of action, causse if these things are under your house, sleeping will be IMPOSSIBLE!

Kathleen said...

kisses to molly and a big huggie to you, cousin...
like mother like kitty. ; )

Robert said...

I always knew that those extra digits on your kitty would come in handy. (for those what don't know, Molly has a few extra toes) I bet she stored all the venom in her toe sacks so it would be coursing through her bloodstream!

Yeah...Rattlesnake Venom Toe Sack!

Talley said...

We always knew she was a bit of a mutant! Everyone at Harrington's was very happy to hear she'd pulled through! Love and kisses to Molly and to you!