Friday, July 15, 2005

Morning Has Broken. Ouch.

So a little while ago, when I said that the back porch doubled our living space, I was SO not kidding.

This is the best bed in the house, its on wheelie rollers, so we can trundle it out under the stars every night.

This is our cozy seating area, because who can resist dining on the deck? You may note that our little candelabra (who looks disturbingly like Lumiere) has been de-tapered. That is because THIS happened when we were in LA.

And you know what, that isn't quite enough for me, I think y'all need to see the close up of its pitiful flaccid candle self. (With bonus arty shadows!) Enjoy!

So anywhoo, what all this outdoor livin' means is that this morning I woke up earlier than God. Seriously! See, straw one is that we're pretty bug free here most of the time, except for that 15 minutes immediately before the sun comes up. Then those skeeters gotta get their gettin' while the gettin's good! And then there's that whole sky getting bright thing, did you know that happens BEFORE the sun actually comes up?! And well the final straw is those charming little hummingbirds that I spend an hour every three days washing and filling feeders for. We seem to live on the I-5 of Hummingbirds, the Autobahn of Hummingbirds, the Indianapolis Hummingbird Speedway for pete's sake! They ride in on their little mini Harleys and souped up Datsuns and squabble amongst themselves as they pull up a stool at the Red Nectar Bar. I guess it could be disturbing, if they just weren't so frickin' cute. Squeak, flap. Buzz buzz, hummmm. Squeak.

Showdown at the Syrup Corral


Robert said...

For whatever reason, when my college buddies and I got together, we would always joke around about how SMALL our genetalia was, and how pitiful our sexual prowess....maybe we were all just so secure what made it funny. Lines such as "I am hung like a ball bearing", and "Using my wang is like shooting pool with a rope", etc. were bandied about.

I mention this because "Hung like a candle left out in the July heat" never came to mind, until now.

Talley said...

Wow, life really is tough. . .sleeping under the stars, beautiful wildlife abounding, (I'm assuming) low humidity, and 15 minutes of mosquitos/day. Rough!!

Dad said...

Flacid, sunburned candles...imagine what too much sun does to your skin way up there! And be plentiful with the sun screen, so it will be protective!!!

Aunt Kathi said...

You are so damn funny that I hurt when I read your stuff! Not only do you see the beauty in life but also the ridiculous...are you sure you don't want to come back to DC and make a career here???? Love the candles...maybe you could attach a battery to it and sell it!