Saturday, August 20, 2005

And I'm Not Talkin' About Short Cute Lesbians...

Yesterday I managed to survive the entire long day that it takes to do this climb, Snake Dike.

It is a crazy, lumpy, utterly climable feature up the entire (otherwise rather smooth) side of Half Dome. Beautiful day, gorgeous (and cool!) weather. Rather long hike in, and even longer hike out. And yet again, I'm whupped! Off to a wedding in Tahoe, be back soon! (When I will finish That Paper, I promise!)


dad said...

What the hell happened? Why do these people all clog up your blog with ads and such? Its a shame, please ignore them and keep your friends advised of whass happenin!!

Talley said...

I'm sure they'll never see it, but just so it's officially on the record: "You 'advertising' people SUCK!" Go away and leave us alone! We are NOT interested and WILL NOT be clicking on your lame sites!

Well, I feel better, even if they never see this! : )

Suzie, on the other hand, ROCKS!

Love ya!