Friday, August 12, 2005

Next Exit - The Fun Of My Recent Past

Hi! No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! Yet. I have been attempting to finish up with The Paper lately, and well, not only is that as boring as dirt to talk about, it has been like pulling hens teeth. Or squeezing turnips from a stone. Or some such nonsense. So you'll have to bear with me for a bit while my life takes a slight detour through Dullsville. So here are some anecdotes from the recent past...

I got to go along to a local water-park for a friend's daughter's birthday last Monday. And now I know why we as adults do not do this on a regular basis. Not only are the waterslides and "rides" designed to remove your head cleanly from your neck, but there seems to be a design feature that attempts to remove half of your rear-end through friction where the slide seems meet. Oddly enough though, the neck actually feels better after its forcible tweaking, sort of like a big, wet, (yet cheap) chiropractor. The abraded butt-bone, on the other hand is taking its sweet time in healing! All well worth it however, and a better 10th birthday was never had.

I also got out one night for an after-work, evening climb with the Whippersnapper in The Hub's office. I was incredibly impressed as she cleanly led up Bishop's Terrace, a very long (takes the entire 60 meter rope)and classic pitch of 5.8 in the Valley. I did my best to not embarrass myself while following her, and we both rappelled off in the gathering dusk. Unfortunately the clean up process didn't go as smoothly, and we ended up getting her rope caught in a tree about 25 feet off the ground. After some dinking around in the pitch black, and scrambling up the easy bits with one headlamp, we ended up having to cut off the last 15 feet or so of the rope that was still out of reach and hopelessly tangled in a branch.
Ah, the joys of climbing.

So I'll leave you here, with stories of fun, adventure, and bodily bruising. And I'll attempt to get back to the mental grind. Wish me luck, and I'll see you on the other side. Happy weekend!

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Dad said...

Good to hear from you and how is the cat? Better than you butt I hope! You and your butt, one thing or another! Hope it heals quickly...and hope you reported it to the park so some little one skinnier that you does not get permanent damage. Funny, I thought there were only kite eating trees, but out there in CA....good luck on the paper, I for one would find it fascinating to read and/or proof read for you if you wish.