Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Biding My Time

So while my fabulous Pops was looking over the latest version of The Paper today, I found some creative ways to keep busy... This morning I made another round of sparkly earrings, and I can't take it anymore, this time I'm claiming a pair for myself!

Then I was farting around on the internet and realized that I only had two days to get my application in for the FE in October!! So I hopped to it and got that puppy in the mail today! Thank heavens I still have 2+ months to study for the ghastly 8 hour test!

Then a coworker of the Hub's called and invited us on our First Mountain Bike Ride Since Moving (FMBRSM?) and we jumped at the chance. (I think I might have scared him, poor guy, because I was so darned enthusiastic...) Fortunately I had the time to fix all the flats and get some of the kinks out of the mountain bikes, since they have been effectively mothballed for so long.

I was under the vague false impression that all the mountain biking out here would be hot, exposed and dusty, but the nice 1:20 loop that we did was pretty much the exact opposite! It was about the same elevation as our house, but a much wetter area (and yet less than a half hour drive away, go figure) which was super nice for the big shade trees, but not so nice for the attendant mosquito population. Ah well, good incentive to go faster! Needless to say we all managed to keep the rubber side down and make it back to the cars with big goofy grins on our faces. Have I mentioned before how scary it is to be having such a wonderful life?


Dad said...

Please, more on the you have to take it in CA? And how hard was it to get the kinks out of your legs as opposed to the kinks in the bikes??

Kathleen said... DESERVE life to be so good! after all, you are quite the same!

snavylyn said...

The earrings are just beautiful! Glad I found your blog!