Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Take Two!

We have been off on wedding road trips for the last two weekends in a row. The odd thing is that both weddings were second weddings for the brides. Nothing wrong with that... y'all should know that I am all in favor of Big Life Do Overs. And the events were both lovely, the brides were gorgeous, the grooms dashing...

The grounds were diverse, yet similar. One, a brand new luxury mini-cabin campground, the other a turn of the century bordello! Both with tent camping available for the steering impaired. I hate to say it, but the bordello was the loveliest site for a wedding I have ever been to, including my own. The bride's parents bought the old rambling structure on the Klamath River about 7 years ago and have been restoring it ever since. I guess there was a big push to get ready for the wedding, and it SO payed off. This picture doesn't do it justice, but imagine wandering the grounds on flagstone walkways, by the river, in the shade of huge maples, cocktail in hand, light breezes playing through your hair, with rambling golden ridges all around and twinkly lights in the trees. Got it? Good.

The food at both was fantastic, and again oddly enough, neither had a traditional wedding cake. Steph and Mark had cupcakes, and Chris and Seth had pie! (I like pie...) On both occasions we were short a camera memory card, so I do not have pictures of all the extraneous details. One thing that you are glad I don't have a picture of is the cooked pig carcass from C&S's wedding. Ewwie! (Mighty tasty though!)

So here's to all the women in the world who are brave enough to take the plunge again. It may be hard to take us seriously sometimes, but we are not messin' around this time! I swear!

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Karelypants said...

Great pictures Suz. Steph and Mark couldn't look any happier.