Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I Drink You Up

Okay, so I didn't want to mention this with the Tabitha post, outta respect, but we got a new car. Well, a new used car, of course. She is a Subaru Outback, dark red, family vee-hickle, station wagon, all wheel drive, named Janine. Not quite the tough-guy ride, but she should do quite nicely. So now when y'all come out to visit, we can actually pick you up at the Fresno airport and transport all of you to our home in one vehicle! Won't that be nice!

Moving on, I don't think I've gotten a chance to mention that I had a fabulous weekend. It all started on Friday when I actually got to go climbing with a friend of our neighbors'. We ran off and did about 5 pitches, and then met up with his wife, three kids, and my Hubby, and got all of them climbing too. It was a super fun active day, and family fun day as well. It got a little hairy when the 3 year old pooped his pants and had turds falling out of the ankles of his pants, but dad went to town with the wipeys, and we scrounged up a fleece suit intended for the 6 month old and bravely soldiered on. The clean up was a bit gag-eriffic, but funny too in that helpless kinda way. And little did I realize when we started out, but the climbing dude is sort of famous, and in the magazines and sponsored and stuff. Hee hee, I got to climb with a famous dude.

Then the next day the Hub and I went for a hike up to the top of Nevada Falls in the park. The mist trail was just crazy at this time of the year, and well, was really misty. The falls are going off, and are bigger than I've ever seen them. (Okay well I've only seen them a total of about 7 times before, but, you know, they were really big!) So that was a lovely day as well.

Sunday was a deliciously languorous day and I won't go into details, but we didn't make it out of the house until late afternoon. But then the dog got a lovely walk to the river, and lots of stick fetching and swimming and we all headed down to a local bouldering area to for a quick arm pump. Then we rushed home, baked cookies (my favorite, oatmeal raisin!) and went to our neighbors' house for dinner, and small town politics conversations late into the night. All together, it was most satisfactory! Yay!


Kathleen said...

congratulations on a stellar weekend! AND your new car! subarus are COOL if i do say so my self : )
and dinner with da' neighbors? see? you are already making friends! : )
i am not surprised. (it is the lancaster gift ta' gab)


Talley said...

I totally didn't get the "Drink You Up" thing until I clicked through. I'm glad I did before I commented! Anyway, Tabitha is going to get a well deserved rest and now you have a spiffy new car! You'll make just as many memories in Janine! Of course, this is from the woman who literally sobbed the last time she saw her dear little Neon before it got donated to the Vietnam Vets. Poor thing!

Karen 'n Yukon said...

suzie.. you need to write a book! i crack up every time i read about your escapades in yosemite and the area! can't wait to visit you guys in the fall, and good luck with everything!

Randy said...

Tell the 3 year old not to worry, if this 61 year old had been there, he also woulda probably let go! My weekend wasn't quite so outdoorish, but I did remove 6 saplings and dead trees, cut them up and load them into the F-150 for the Monday run to the dump! Not the same...Dad