Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Along with that housing update I forgot to mention that we did get half of our deposit back. Legally we could have gotten the whole thing back, but, well, we were trying to take the high road here. It is a long and painful question about who fell short of the terms of our gentleman's (gentlewoman's?) agreement, and it still leaves me with unresolved feelings. So we split the difference and called it good. The seller dude is still harboring some ill will, but honestly I think that we have done more than our share. Again, ick! Nothing makes enemies quicker than money.

In my typical counterpoint method, the "up" news is that a good friend of mine is coming to visit for the week. We have lots of wonderful things planned, and I'll temporarily have a fun buddy with which to explore. Yay! Fun Buddy! Yay! Explore! I'd better run and wash the dog hair out of the sheets from the guest room, since Bailey had decided that sleeping on the floor is far too undignified for a dog of his wisdom and stature. Yes, his dog bed is in storage.

Oh and one more update. The Hub has graciously performed some editorial magic with my Paper and as soon as I get around to deciding whether he is a literary genius or an erudite demon from hell, I'll hand the durned thing in. Unfortunately this means that it is too late for this semester, but the Advisor seemed to think that this was entirely reasonable, expected even. So eventually some day I'll be graduating. Really. I swear!


Dad said...

That ugly DUDE! How dare he harbor ill will, when he got half the funds for doing nothing at all! Some people...good luck to the Hub. I do changes (or suggest them) to some of T's papers, and often do improve them, and often get thanx! But its dangerous work...and did they ever get results to show differences in mineral run offs from the 2 different tanks??? Gotta duck now, the Blue Angels are practicing right over our house for NA gradution tomorrow...

Talley said...

Some people suck! But you're out of it now, relatively unscathed and good for you!

Tell Corel (Korel, Karel?!?!?!) that I say "Hi" & have fun (even if I can't remember how to spell her name).

Good luck with the paper! You'll be done before you know it! Have you heard anything about the job at Yosemite?