Monday, May 02, 2005

Ode to Tabitha Galdys

My beloved old truck, that now has over 240 thousand miles on her, did not pass smog. Much to my dismay she was deemed a "gross polluter". We've been together for over 10 years now, I've lived out of her, driven her across the country numerous times, camped with her, gone four wheelin' to climbing areas, laughed, cried, sang, and changed diapers in her, spent quality time with my son listening to kiddie tapes, got flat tires, towed lesser vehicles out of snow banks and generally lived LIFE together. There are few feelings quite so kick-ass as riding high in a tough little pickup truck, looking down on all you survey. But it now it may be time to put her out to pasture. There are mundane reasons for this, such as the fact that we own 2 two-seater cars, and were we to get preggers, we might need to bring another being along with us. Tabitha is getting terrible gas mileage these days, despite tune ups and oil changes. She is leaking and burning various fluids as well, and needs at least $1,200 worth of repairs. And she is a Gross Polluter. Poor baby. So here's to you my beloved truck, we will try and get you through the smogging process and then find you a good home, where you get to tromp through the woods occasionally and rest up between adventures. You have been a true and faithful friend and I'll miss you.


RobRobBinks said...

I remember when I set my 1982 volkswagon rabbit out to pasture. I took this plucky copper colored chariot to the service center where the following exchange took place:

Service Tech: Sir, your car is leaking oil out of every place it could possibly be leaking oil:

Me: Is that bad?

Service Tech: Imagine going to the doctor, and your eyes are bleeding.

Ouch. Although the belly of that beast was rotted through and through, the body was destined for greater things. I sold the car on the spot for a few hundred dollars, and rested happily knowing that the shell (and perhaps the soul of the car) was going to be used for rally car racing!

I hope your beloved will find an equally rewarding end. Perhaps you can just let her sit in a field and allow nature to reclaim her.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but thats a lot of miles, with bent fender or was it the bumper, and all! It has given its best, and deserves a long, long break...Dad

Kathleen said...

don't forget that tabitha hauled a piano across icy truckee roads...
i am sorry about your truck...i can relate, cousin.
i just found out that my bug is completely rusted underneath, too. : (
5,000 dollars of restoration to be done...but not by me.
"paul, i know we are trying to have a baby, but would you mind if i spent 5 Gs on the bug?"
yeah...that is what he did with his eyes, too.

it makes it hard when there are so many memories attached.
sending you a big huggy. xoxoxo

Aunt Kathi said...

We Lancasters are a sappy bunch! I've never gotten rid of a car that I haven't felt sad about. Memories...don't they make life so sweet? Enjoy your new car and may it give you 240,000+ miles!