Friday, May 13, 2005

Just The Facts, Jack.

Wow, who knew you'd all be so touchingly concerned with my posterior. The problem seems to be that I have an aggravated hamstring. This is good news, because it is much less serious than something like sciatic nerve damage. I guess I just sort of pissed it off over the last year's activities, and it has just never really forgiven me. So we (my butt and I) are in a month long therapy session to get to know each other again, and hopefully come to some mutually acceptable terms. I'll keep you post(erior)ed. heh heh.

We officially "close escrow" on (as my sister called it) the "condo of happiness" on May 27th. So if y'all come and visit between May 27th and June 18th, we will have not only one place for you to stay, but TWO, count 'em TWO places to lay your head. Bring your friends! And bring your friends with large pickup trucks and bulging biceps. It could be a three week moving party! Whoo hoo! The fun never ends.

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Dad said...

Glad to hear your posterior is not involved with the sciatic nerve; my RVN experiences have affected the two discs above and below that nerve, and believe me, you don't want any of that! Its as hard for you to take it easy as it is for me, but...try it!