Saturday, October 22, 2005

And More

Just a quick update to the Wild West entry, The Hub has updated his site including a link to an entire gallery of pictures of our Wyoming trip. So there is actual visual documentation of the canoeing jaunt and the four mile hike that we did. And some just plain wondrous pictures too.

I'm madly studying for the titanic 8 hour engineering exam that happens next Saturday. Wish me lots of luck, and excellent multiple choice wild guessing skills. See ya on the other side.


Robert said...

Good luck on the test, with your big, luscious heaving brain!


Stephen said...

Yep... Study if you want, but you know you can pass that test with your eye's closed! ;)

Tell Lee his pix are amazing as usual!

Good Luck!
Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Fingers, toes, eyes, etc. are all crossed and loaded for you to pass your exam! Give'em hell! Write when done and keep us posted.