Monday, October 03, 2005

Of Illness, Eruptions, and Computer Mortality...

Hello Blogosphere! Did ya miss me? Sorry for the radio silence, The Hub and I are on our anniversary trip to Grand Teton National Park, and are, uh, busy. And The Hub sorta kinda accidentally dropped my laptop and sort of kinda killed it. He's really, really, sorry though, so I think I'll keep him anyway!

So to quell those nasty rumors going around after my departure from the Gulf Coast, I will fess up with the facts. I did, in fact, get sick after Gulfport, but a quick visit to the doc during my one day back home assured us that it was nothing other than the common cold, and after the ingestion of many vitamin C laden fluids, I am again in fighting shape. A slightly boogery and phlegmy fighting shape, but swinging nontheless.

So now we are in the lovely little Teton Village, Wyoming, and well, it snowed last night. I can't believe the climates I have experienced in the last two weeks. Tropical heat and damp to high desert dry to snow! It's wacky! That and I have now spent the night in every contintental American time zone all within a week. My internal clock now reads "naptime" as a constant. Of course I have always been rather napperific, but what with the illness and all, it is straying into narcolepsy. Good thing I took a week off from my back-hoe driving job, huh?

The Tetons are cool, but sometimes I have a hard time enjoying goofy touristy things. I hate feeling like a poseur in a land full of genuine residents. It is like living in Tahoe and making fun of the tourists, only I AM THE TOURIST. But then we went up to Yellowstone and did the self guided tourist walk around the geyser basin by Old Faithful, and WOW! Forget all that nonsense, because geysers are COOL!

Well, we head home tomorrow, where I will have my very own old computer to work on, and I will spin many a picture enhanced thread of Red Cross travail, airline snafus, and goofy tourist exploration. So nice to chat with you again, and the fates be willing, we'll be seeing a lot more of each other as of tomorrow!

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Kathleen said...

yay! welcome back!
happy belated anniversary, too!
looking forward to hearing about and seeing your adventures.