Friday, October 14, 2005

Oddly Obsessed With 80's Kids TV Shows

Cue the Muppets narrator from Pigs In Space...

IN THE CONTINUING SAGA... (uncue) make our Double Wide a livable space, we have finally gotten around to having some professionals install some brand new flooring. The rooms are, of course, not completely done, ie. trim and cabinets, but nonetheless, the changes are stunning if I do say so myself. The old master bath had BROWN CARPET, so the new lino is a veritable boon, to say nothing of the late acerbic wallpaper...

Old master bath vs. New master bath

Old hall bath vs. New hall bath

And that' s where my Queer Eye decorating confidence ends. See, the poor Hub and I busted our buns to get the guest-/sports equipment-/baby (if we get preggers)- room painted before the carpet folks came, to avoid the whole issue of getting paint on Brand New Carpet. And for some reason I thought Shrieking Smurf Blue would look nice with a sage green carpet. So now not only do we have the slight peeling paint disaster caused by the carpet removal, but I'm not so confident that the entire color scheme is, uh, workable.

But man, is that new carpet springy, soft and cuddle-able! I almost wanna marry it and become Mrs. Suzie Berbercarpet. Good thing it can't fix a computer! Heh heh. Just kidding hon.

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Talley said...

I personally enjoy the art on the wall in the bathroom!