Monday, October 31, 2005

How To Spend A Stressful 8 Hours On A Saturday

Alrighty, well, that's done. And it was just dreadful. I guess they say that everyone walks outta there saying they failed... But no. Really. Unless there is an inordinate number of C's in the last row on the scan tron, I think its Re-testville for me. I get the results in the (charmingly numbered) 13 weeks, and then have an ample 3 months to study for the next attempt. I was glad that I got through all the review material that I had, but wished I'd had at least an hour to look over circuits and economics. Yeah, those circuits killed me. Circuit question? Oh, well, the answer then must be C! Heh heh.

Oh, and the Cal Expo, or at least the part we were in, was like a really low rent university. We took the test in drafty cinderblock and linoleum rooms on folding tables and lawn chairs. And it was freezing. Lovely. Maybe if it had been warmer I'd have remembered something, anything, about circuits. Heh heh. Yeah, no, not really.


Kathleen said...

i KNOW you aced it, cous!
you are such a smartie...seriously...

sending good vibes to the test-scorers and mostly, to you.

p.s. thanks for the good wishes that you left for me. xoxo

Aunt Kathi said...

I know you did your very best. Just wait and see and if you have to take it over again, so be it! You will pass it eventually so loosen up and relax!

Stephen said...

Ok...who's taking the bets...I've got a 20 that says she passes it on the first go round! (=