Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Quick Way To Kill The Joy Of The Flush Pottie

I found a dead bird in our toilet yesterday. The lid was closed. I can't quite figure out the chain of events that led to this, but I'm pretty sure the Molly cat was involved somehow. Molly cats are bird toilet water drowning danger. (New favorite phrase structure borrowed from this comic strip.) There were horribly distressing signs of extended bird splashage. To add insult to an already ignominious death, I had to fish the poor thing out with the kitty litter scooper. I will choose not to read this as some gruesome omen, but instead just a really random, bizzare set of circumstances, that will never, ever, happen again.

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

okay. you win.
that was SO much better than my mouse story.
i can only imagine molly putting the bird in
and slamming the lid shut with her big paws...
sitting on top of the lid, preening while the poor bird...well...i don't want to visualize that part.