Friday, October 07, 2005

I Actually Don't Look At Car Accidents On The Side Of The Road

So for those of you who are interested in the structural carnage from Gulfport, I have tried to set up my flickr account to perform a slide show for y'all. Be warned, if anyone gets angry at me because their property is part of my slideshow, all viewings will be discontinued. The whole process was very awkward, because no one really wants to be a tourist in someone else's devastation. So you will note that many of the pictures were taken from inside the vehicle, and I have not included any displaced or affected persons in the pictures. I feel like there should be some lesson learned from this show of devastation, but I can't come up with one in a neat little package. Don't build in flood zones? Stop global warming? They all seem a bit pathetic in view of what happened. I feel like I am part of a world wide rubbernecking, and am a bit disappointed in myself. So I guess the only reason that I am doing this is because it is one way to understand what the people there went through.

One day my sister and I were driving through our zone looking for returning residents, and seeing a lot of this devastation, and I kid you not, the song "Desperado" came on the radio. Soon to be followed by Sara McLaughlin's "Angel". I have never fought so hard to not cry. So hum along to yourself and take a look at this.


Robert said...

I think the lesson that you can learn from this will be in 5 years or so...

"No matter how much you smack us around, the human race will continue to strive and survive."

Mostly due to our sense of community, which only really seems to come together in the face of extraordinary tragedy, both micro and macroscopically.


Talley said...

Hey, I was there. Go ahead and cry! I sort of wish I'd felt like it, but somehow it was just too overwhelming or something.