Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bases of Life

Today promises to be a very exciting day! (Again, exciting for me, nauseating for The Normal.) I had my penultimate visit to the physical therapist today and managed to get some digits! No silly, I am completely faithful to The Hub, I got the number of the crazy mountain biking lady that works at the office so that as soon as I get my sweaty little hands on my own bike, we can Make Some Plans! Yay!

Right now I have a short break between appointments in which to do some laundry, make some cookies and update my beloved blog. And actually two of these three things are crucial for the final event of the fun filled day. But first... my next actual appointment is at 1:00, when I will be getting my very own personalized tour of the local wastewater treatment facility! 100 percent directed by what I want to see (and smell!) It helps that we met the secretary of the plant and her husband the first week we were here, and that they have the exact same Zippy car that we do. (Little blue sesame seed of a Honda Insight hybrid car) Actually this is quite funny in a small town, as everyone waves at us along the road, thinking that we are the local priest and his wife/wastewater secretary, so we happily wave back and bask in the popularity that we have gained in such a short time! So Mrs. Priest/Secretary was kind enough to rope someone from the plant into giving me my own Personal Poop Tour. She's nice.

THEN the cookies and laundry come into play. I'm goin' biking with our neighbor, Mrs. BBQ! How is this possible, you say, when you have no bike? And what the heck does this have to do with sugary snack foods and powdered detergent? Remember that tourist shack bike rental place? Well I think the owner sorta had a crush on my Tahoe friend last time, so in a fit of zealous, flirtatious, generosity he offered me the use of the bike anytime I wanted. Seeing as I can't really return the favor and give him unlimited access to TahoeGal (who lives far away and may or may not be interested), I'm bringing Home Made Cookies instead. Just as good in my book. Well, better than a kick in the teeth, in any case. The laundry part isn't as exciting, just need to clean the super cushy padded bike shorts to help protect this bum injury. So today will cover all the Bases of Life; health, domesticity, professional networking, and outdoor fun with neighbors. Oh, and poop. Did I mention poop?


Dad said...

About this poop thing...I am beginning to think thats all environmental engineers do! Perhaps we can find a poop pshrink, one that could perhaps interest you in other than poop parts of the environment. Oh well, at least it will be steady work! And the bike guy, can you suggest that the cookies are from the Tahoe girl???

Aunt Kathi said...

I'm just glad you're making the cookies before the poop tour. You wouldn't want to get things mixed up now would you???

Aunt Kathi said...

Actually you didn't need to leave the east coast...you could have gone to the White House and done a poop study there. There certainly is enough of it!