Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Just Call Me Dan Rather

'Cause here's the news. We have moved into this lovely Double Wide manufactured home almost two weeks ago...

We are in escrow right now, and won't close until around July 24th. This long wait is for some capital gains reason or something, the former owners need to own the house for a full two years before selling. They loved the place, but unfortunately one of them found out she was allergic to everything that grows here. Sorry! Therefore they are generously allowing us to rent their former vacation home (since we got booted from our housing) until said day.

The home is a three bedroom, two bath place, with a fairly open floor plan that can be glimpsed here under a pile of stuff that has now grown exponentially until it nearly engulfs the pseudo rattan ceiling fan.

It had god awful wallpaper in the bathrooms and the obvious brown simulated wood grain paneling that we are currently covering over with really smelly primer paint (PS. Paint is smelly!) and some lovely vibrant hues from the generic knockoff Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren palettes. We are really hoping that nothing falls through with the purchase this time, as we have already put in about six days worth of work and a deposit on the new carpeting that would not be monetarily compensated by the other owners. So wish us luck on that one. Or lend us some money. One or the other.

Ours is a lovely neighborhood, up on a ridge with quite a few houses tucked back from the winding dirt road. The disadvantages are that we are on well water, have a septic system and have no public trash collection. BUT the neighbors across the street have two horses and three llamas, and that pretty much makes up for it. AND before Bailey got to them, we had long-eared hares, and cute little cottontails hopping around in our back yard, but I'm afraid he might have chased them off last night. Boo. I also saw a little fox crossing the road at sunset yesterday, and we both paused and checked each other out for over a minute. (Me from the safety of the car.) We have beautiful old oaks on our (soon to be) six acres, and even a picturesque tree swing. There is another building pad on the property where we would love to eventually build a "real" house or move this one down there and build up here. In addition we have a huge back porch that overlooks the lovely valley beside us and pretty much doubles our living space in the warmer months.

Speaking of weather, we are at an elevation of only 3,000 feet, so there won't be the colossal snow storms to deal with like when we lived in Tahoe. It still may get pretty durn chilly here in our single-pane windowed, 4-inch walled Double Wide, but at least we won't have to shovel daily snow. And speaking of physical activity, I seem to be regaining my health and mobility in both the tush and neck areas. Thank you for your concern yet again. And to leave you with something to giggle about here are some silly pictures of me in a whiplash collar. (And my new Target black kitten heels.) Good combo, eh?


Dad said...

That there road looks mighty close to your double wide thin walls...arn't the sounds of the local mules passing by with their wagons gonna wake ya up??? Heeeee Hawwwww!!

Talley said...

Yay! Thanks for the photos of the new house! It looks much cuter than you'd led me to believe! I bet the bunnies are just hiding and they'll be back.

As far as the whiplash collar, without having a real detailed picture, it just looks like you're wearing your black scarf that you wear all winter. So not bad really!

Happy house!

Talley said...

Post something! I'm bored! ;)