Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hellllooooo Summer!

So Hey! I'm back in town! What a fabulous weekend! I hope y'all enjoyed the summer kick off with something close to the zeal we experienced! So the Bike Ride was just darned lovely!

AND it was even better because it included FOOD. LOTS OF FOOD! Like every 15 miles there was more food! And the main lunch spread... Wowzers! Mmmm mmmm! It was a crazy chow layout, with the tastiest barbecued chicken EVER, and ribs, smoked salmon, brie, fresh cool salads, and of course, chow mein and doughnuts. What bike ride is complete without chinese food and doughnuts? And more gatorade than 500 people could ever drink. And did I even mention the scenery yet? Rolling green farmland, strategically scattered herds of statuesque horses and snow capped mountains in the background. Just incredible. And you know, it was Memorial Day weekend, which usually means one thing, traffic! But not in the bucolic Indian Valley. Maybe 20 cars passed us all day! There were more bikers in this valley than cars! Can you tell that I liked it? The 60 miles whizzed by in a warm glow of chatting and snacks. If you ever have to ride a bike that far, I really can't recommend a more pleasant place to do it.

Entirely too nice actually. Next year, it'll have to be the full 100 miles! Who's with me! PS. Did I mention that they (the Full Century Riders) got an extra snack station?! AND they brought out strawberry sorbet for the FCR after we (Metric Century Riders) left, those rat finks! Just 'cause they rode another measly 40 miles and climbed another 2000 feet. They think they deserve sorbet. Huh! Next year that sorbet is mine, all MINE!

Snow Capped Background

Mrs. Skoog at the Chow Down.

We finished out the rest of the weekend with lots of camping and throwing sticks for the dogs in various surface waters. Oh. And eating. Don't forget the eating. We did one more tiny ride to try and justify all the food we were stuffing down our gullets, but honestly the nether regions were a bit too tender to put in any serious mileage. On the way home we did do a small hike near the Sierra Buttes which was really pretty, but there's entirely too much snow up there and Mrs. Skoog (much akin to Mr. Skoog's visit to the Mariposa Grove) wore sandals, so we didn't make it too far. Mr. Skoog had however, opted out of the hike and took that window of opportunity to ride his bike some more, and ended up riding about 75 miles, all the way back to their house! The crazy nut ball!

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RobRobBinks said...

There's my little Suziepants! Much better, happier and active! Am I using too many exclamation points?!

In any event, I had Ethel out for a "once around the park and then home" early this morning...and have touched lightly the Grace that you describe in your marvellous prose!