Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'll Get You, My Pretty.

So back pre-Memorial day I was having a ton of fun with my buddy Karel here at home. I made her ride her bike up a hideous local hill with me in order to see this:

Of course I had to RENT a bike to do this, as you well know since (join me for the chorus here), my stuff is all in storage. So I rented this bike. Now I know we've all had the experience of renting something, while our own of this very same item is somewhere inaccessible. And we all know it sorta sucks. So we are riding up this "hill" for about an hour and a half in the punishing sun and Karel is trying not to hurt herself laughing at me. My bike has had the lowest gear replaced with a "SUPER GRANNY" gear. So I'm either grinding away in the second lowest gear which is slightly too hard on this hill, or my legs are going around like the clock hands in The Time Machine, while the bike is barely moving forward fast enough to not tip over. In addition to this the seat post is a bit too small for the frame, so my seat keeps slipping lower and lower no matter how I tighten the quick release clamp. So here I am with my knees flying up around my ears, sweating buckets, moving slightly slower than walking pace. Yeah, she thought it was funny too. So funny in fact that she couldn't stop singing the little musical phrase that comes on in the Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch of the West rides here bicycle out with the flying monkeys. Careful, that one will stick with you for the rest of the day!

After this punishing bike ride we went into the valley for a little climbing. It was so worth it. What an amazing place to live.

And yes, we are 60 meters off the ground right here, clipped into a bomber anchor with many redundant features. And yes Dad, I am actually wearing a helmet. No, really I am! Karel lent me hers since I was leading the climb and... wait for it... mine is in storage!


Dad said...

Yeaaaaaaa for the helmet! And now...what is a bomber anchor? Did they crash a bomber up there? Did you bring your own? Can you fly one???? Please help, I'm so confused!!!

Kathleen said...

cousin, you are a NUT!
and i have to agree with my cousin-in-law, rob, that you sound great and finallybacktonormal after a year in urban hell (even though you had a good time here, too)
also...i LOVE your link to the wizard of oz song! clever girl...sheesh...

thank you for keeping us updated and for making me laugh out loud. paprikash actually ran out of the room when i startled him with my chuckling...