Monday, June 27, 2005

Exciting Weekend on the Home Front

So we did some wonderful homey things this weekend, including painting the majority of the interior of the Double Wide a lovely "Martha Stewart Green" according to my husband. We still haven't unpacked much, aside from the necessities of life, and the rest is in colossal piles in the center of each room. It is kind of like living in a rat maze, only there is no higher power providing cheesy rewards, durn. On our way into town to pick up some more paint we noticed that a neighbor was having a garage sale. SHOPPING! Yay! For a measly $24 we got a bench for the front porch, a double burner camping stove, a lidded chicken roaster, camo pants, sparkly earrings, a four drawer filing cabinet (to replace the 2 drawer one the movers dropped) two camp chairs, two hack saws and a jack for Janine. And the big bonus is that we got to meet some neighbors. Oddly enough as we were getting ready to leave they just happened to mention in passing that they are the local "dealer in guns". Hmmm. Good people not to piss off, I guess.

In other news, it is just gorgeous up here. I set up the hummingbird feeder outside the kitchen window and we just have zillions of the little buggers around here. The two regular bird feeders have drawn quite a crowd as well, including swifts, which I'm told don't usually land much. I did have to get a collar and a bell for the kitty so we couldn't be accused of entrapment, be she seems to be taking it in stride. Both pets are incredibly happy and spend their days alternating between sprawling on the back porch and patrolling the property. The sunsets and sunrises are superb, and the air has this wonderful soft, fragrant quality at these quiet times of day that just makes you pause and breathe it in. I guess I've just never really lived this far out into nowhere, and I'm surprised by how much I like it so far. And we're still only a half an hour from the Yosemite border. Sssshhhh. Don't tell anyone, but things seem to be going really well!


Talley said...

Yay! I'm glad you're in and enjoying it! Take some birdy pictures for us to see. Also, I'm sure we'd all like to see some pictures of the lovely doublewide!

How's the neck?

Dad said...

I am sure the sparkly earrings will go well with the camo pants...for Lee!!! And how is teh butt and the neck?? Can some of that wonderful air will ya, and send it on to us...we will cocmpare it with the sea breezes comin off the South River, where we went swimming TWICE this weekend.