Thursday, June 23, 2005

Too Good To Be True

So remember that whole whirlwind moving escapade, where the nice people from Ace packed everything that wasn't nailed down? Well, we just got our delivery (yay! stuff OUT of storage!) and lets just say that they are not on our christmas card list. We got some lovely surprises, like our dining room table cracked in half, and our butter dish full of four-month-old butter and smelling like, well, ass. Not to mention our printer that no longer prints, but makes a really distracting loud buzzing noise instead, the very exciting crushed bottle of ink, the silk shoes soaked in said ink and the handmade pottery piggy bank shattered into a million pieces.

Then the movers volunteered to unpack for us. And by unpack what they really meant was to take stuff out of boxes and throw it in the corner. Wow, that was a highly over rated service! (Hint, say no if asked this question!) And then one of the movers got into a fantastically colorful argument with his girlfriend on his cell phone, complete with raised voices and vivid language. Eeeek.

At the risk of sounding like a rich bitch who is impossible to please, these people sucked. Whew, I feel better already. And since we are definitely not rich, I guess that just leaves me with bitch. I can live with that.


RobRobBinks said...

Show me a person with a "good" moving story, and I will show you a Pollyanna liar!

Moving just stinks. It hardly ever goes well, and nobody in the mix seems to care.

Sorry you had to face that first hand!!!

Dad said...

Things have sure changed since I was in the AF! Great moves, great unpacking, and minimal loss. Make sure you put in a bill or claim for EVERYTHING that was done wrong, and get paid, or they will never get any better. Fight them like your Grandma would the prersident of the company and raise hell! And I am also sorry that some of your stuff is ruined...but at least its all in the doublewide!